Paris, after dark

Paris, after dark

When you work with Olives & Valleys, you'll visit Europe's most glorious monuments....but then we'll help you veer off the well-worn paths. 

Whether you are traveling via Venice's deservedly-famous canals,

              journeying to captivating white-washed villages in Puglia,

       eating your way through the markets of Paris

           walking the fairy tale villages of England's Cotswolds

    sipping your way through the Loire Valley vineyards

             or exploring the classical ruins of Sicily or Pompeii, we passionately cover it all. 

We’ll advise you on

  • The best places and non-chain hotels in which to stay and enjoy an authentic experience
  • Where to dine and where to go for the best gelato, bread, pastries, wine bars, and other spuntini 
  • Hook you up with local private guides with specialized knowledge in art, architecture, history, or food.
  • Arrange fun excursions, sailing trips, archeological explorations or even exclusive museum openings
  • Organize wine tastings, truffle hunts, cooking classes, or visits with local artisans
  • And so much more:  trains vs. car, what do and when to do it, where to eat, what not to miss, and what to avoid.

Every itinerary is custom-designed.  And every experience is authentic.

We provide unparalleled service every step of the way. From the moment we speak until you return home, we want every interaction you have with Olives & Valleys to surpass your expectations. 

 Rome's Jewish Ghetto

Rome's Jewish Ghetto