We love small groups! 

Let us customize a unique tour of Italy just for your group! Shared experiences through food, wine, cooking and fun active adventures have a unique way of creating a lasting bond among friends, clients, club members and employees. 

Wine clubs, cycling clubs, chefs, authors bloggers, and groups of friends--anyone with an engaged audience and an interest in travel, food and wine -- will enjoy a small-group trip that is packed with 100% authentic Italian experiences. 

Your group will enjoy plenty of regional foodie experiences and local traditions, unique experiences, and the kind of special access to cultural sites that’s only possible with small groups.  Plus you can customize your trip to include hiking or biking activities.   Each custom designed trip always features beautiful hotels, built-in free time, luxury touches throughout your stay, plus all-star guides and tour leaders.   

Learn more about the benefits of hosting a small group with us.

We love small groups and have lots more to share with you about the benefits of our style of small group travel. Get in touch to discuss more.  Schedule a call and we'll discuss your goals and ideas. We'll work with you to create a proposal that will wow your members and generate buzz.   You get the word out and we’ll take care of the rest.