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Welcome to Prima Italy!

A trip to Italy is often the trip of a lifetime. You want it to be absolutely perfect. You want it to be beyond special. Our custom trips are an exciting blend of cultural, culinary and active adventures designed to capture the essence of La Dolce Vita. We're experts in affordable, luxury, tailor-made travel to Italy, allowing you to
experience Italy exactly how you want to see it, 

Our job is to make your Italian dream trip come true.We make it easy. We make it special.

100% Italy

We specialize in Italy only, pouring countless hours of research into uncovering the best of the best on the Italian peninsula. Through the years we’ve cultivated an exclusive list of partners offering extraordinary experiences and creative touches that’ll make your time in Italy truly special.

Enjoy an exclusive picnic set among 2000 year old olive trees in Puglia.  Learn the royal art of falconry in Umbria.  Enter the Sistine Chapel at night, alone, without the crowds in Vatican City.  We offer endless inspiration and a trove of unique encounters that will add a sense of joy and adventure to your journey.

Our job is to make your Italian dream trip come true.

Your job is to board the plane and enjoy!